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By | November 8, 2012
This may be common sense to anyone in web development. Or at least, it should be. But it is a good reminder on what to do if you don't already do this, and backed up with some numbers that just may convince a boss or customer to realign their requirements to trust your expertise.

/via +John Hardy 

The usability experts were right: 5 changes we made to increase conversion by 50% – Thumbtack Engineering
At Thumbtack we use A/B testing on just about everything we do. Integrating A/B testing into your product workflow allows you to quickly iterate and get feedback to create an awesome product. With eac…

3 thoughts on “Proper web design

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Gurudatta Raut it isn't automated conversion. Conversion rate refers to what percent of visitors follow through with a purchase. You still have to make the A and B pages manually, all the test tool does is randomly pick a page to display and give you statistics on how many people completed the flow for each of the A and B pages respectively.

  2. Marco Ferrari

    Hi +Gurudatta Raut , A/B testing is basically a test practice. You take a page that you want to improve and make another one with a chance. Then, using a A/B testing tool (there are a lot Google itself has one ) you serve one page or another randomly measuring the different conversion rate. then you can choose which one to let in production… and set up other test 🙂


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