Embedded Presentations in your G+ Stream

By | November 6, 2012
Did you know you can embed presentations on your Google+ stream? Here's an example from +Paul Stickland – a presentation on Google Drive, on your stream you get a 'play' button and can interactively start the presentation and click around. You wouldn't realize it was a presentation if not for the slide numbers at the bottom. 😉

/via +Claude Rieth 

Reshared post from +Paul Stickland

More Google Drive experiments…
Click on your favourite beast!

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15 thoughts on “Embedded Presentations in your G+ Stream

  1. Paul Stickland

    It is really simple Anthony, have you converted to google drive? Do that first and then you will be given all the options, either File>Publish to the web… or the share button top right.


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