Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle… what's going on?

By | October 24, 2012
Anyone else suspicious when senior bankers suggest that they're about to begin a round of musical chairs? It looks like the Presidential Soap Opera just received a few new cast members from the financial sector.

/via +L. Charles Burch 

BERNANKE: You Can’t Fire Me — I’m Going To Quit In 2014
The end is nigh.

2 thoughts on “Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle… what's going on?

  1. Jakub Kotyza

    FIAT money is the greatest con in the history of modern civilization. If the majority of people knew banks can just summon money out the the air, there would be a revolution.

  2. Andreas Katifes

    +L. Charles Burch I think we had such a system until the day JFK was murdered. He was the only one opposing to the current system. He went to Dallas and never returned. Bankers will do anything they can to keep it the way it is today. Debt=money. That is the recipe.


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