Marketing buzzword of the day: Deleveraging

By | October 17, 2012
I find the marketing terminology quite amusing: 'deleveraging'. And not the first time confounding vocabulary is used to sweeten bad news. It's only a pity Greece can't deleverage faster.

/via +L. Charles Burch 

US Households Are Not “Deleveraging” – They Are Simply Defaulting In Bulk | ZeroHedge
Lately there has been an amusing and very spurious, not to mention wrong, argument among both the “serious media” and the various tabloids, that US households have delevered to the tune of $1 trillion…

5 thoughts on “Marketing buzzword of the day: Deleveraging

  1. Jim Lai

    Deleverage too fast, and the financial system will have difficulty absorbing the shock. It also follows that bailing out homeowners would indirectly shelter the financial system.


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