Cute, efficient solar power-generating cones

By | October 16, 2012
These cones are not just stylish, they are 20x more efficient at producing solar power than flat panels – or so their producer, V3Solar, claims. Their spin also results in inherent cooling, another big plus. Now the only not-so-easy question remains maintenance…

/via +Thomas Walton  

V3Solar puts a new spin on PV efficiency
V3Solar has developed a cone-shaped solar energy harvester that is claimed to generate over 20 times more electricity than a flat panel thanks to a combinat…

6 thoughts on “Cute, efficient solar power-generating cones

  1. John Despujols

    They are talking about concentrating the light that hits the cell with a lens?  Either way this is all BS.

    Whether your panel is 10% or 120% efficient is of not matter, it is the Cost per Watt that counts. The sunlight is all free after that.  I don't see costs coming down with movingspinning parts and concentrator lenses….  No way.   

  2. John Poteet

    The claim is that they get 20x the power for a specified amount of solar cells via use of concentrators. The problem being that commercially available monocrystaline solar cells are available that are about 20% efficient. That means that 20% of the total solar energy that shines on them is converted to electricity. 

    To be 20 times as efficient per unit area of solar cells the energy collector must cover 4 times the surface area and the cells themselves would have to be an impossible 100% efficient. 

    This doesn't even pass the most cursory sniff test. 

  3. Sophie Wrobel

    +John Poteet The energy harvest comes from the rotation of the cones, which is partly driven by magnetic energy, partly by solar energy. That could explain the difference. I'm not sure exactly what mix or patent is hiding behind it, though, so I can't verify.

  4. John Poteet

    Just a little bitty problem. The claim of 20x more efficiency would mean that the cones harvest more energy than the sun shines on them. 


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