What are the top social networks in your country?

By | October 14, 2012
We all hear about Facebook world domination, but how valid is it? I know that some countries have 'nieche' networks – for example, Sina Weibo and China, or XING and Central Europe. What about you? What are the top three networks in your country? I've heard Czech Republic has some rather humerous 'hot' platforms, not sure what else will pop up on the radar.

… highlights in the map of regional dominance to come, pending interesting results in the comments…

12 thoughts on “What are the top social networks in your country?

  1. Hjalmar Tieman

    In The Netherlands: Facebook, Hyves, Twitter (when you look at the number of Dutch visitors per month; when you look at membership, LinkedIn is number three instead of Twitter).

  2. Visnja Zeljeznjak

    Facebook (1.5 million users out of 4.2 million population) and Linkedin (179.000 users) in Croatia. Twitter is still insignificant outside the geekverse.

  3. Francois Demers

    +Sophie Wrobel in Eastern Europe, Facebook is just starting to appear on the horizon. The king of the hill is vkontakte (vk.com). Firstly because it is Russian (NIH works). Secondly because anything goes. Thirdly because +Vladimir Kobzev beat me to it.

    Second? no idea, possibly odnoklassniki.ru (classmates) but older and (my guess, way behind  vkontakte)

    Third? So far behind it makes Facebook look like it might actually succeed a little? Maybe Twitter. Vkontakte does everything Twitter does, only faster and better.

    Real third? Dating sites! pretty much all really mamba.ru There was no sex here until 25 years ago: catching up and in spades.

  4. Vladimir Kobzev

    in russia vk.com is more popular than facebook. And vk also works much faster than fb and it has the best mobile version I've ever seen.
    Interesting thing that I used to chat with my  wife by gtalk, but gtalk doesn't work well enough. And we switch to vk chat:) 
    And also interesting thing that rizzoma.com users from russia always send to us screenshots from vk mobile and ask to do something like this. 


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