Page management on G+ mobile app!

By | October 11, 2012

Is this true? I'll consider tolerating the nasty visual overload for this – assuming it's a full-featured page management addition to the mobile client.

Way to go, Google+!

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This is a screenshot of ny mobile when I log out. Logging back in, the new update to G+ gives me the ability to sign in to my pages (both those I have created and those I have been given manager access to).

A personal thank you to +Natalie Villalobos of G+ for seeing my last week's post and taking initiative on this!

4 thoughts on “Page management on G+ mobile app!

  1. Paul Snedden

    It's a good start but it needs work. To me, it would be better to have a "My Pages" section in the personal profile. Additionally, it would b great to get page notifications via your personal profile.

    v1.1 coming soon đŸ™‚

  2. André Fachat

    That's really cool, so I will be able to maintain my +mos6502 page with my mobile.
    Btw, I recently found that the current app can be moved to the sd card – which wasn't possible with the old one and lead me to uninstall it due to memory constraints… (until I really needed it and had to uninstall almost everything else…) – I'm still using my htc desire with only 512M flash mem…


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