Page managers, you will love this!

By | October 8, 2012

This is an awesome plugin. It allows you to write drafts, schedule posts, even works for pages, and now it allows you to add (comment) polls as well. It works offline, and allows you to save drafts too. The only thing it doesn't do, is let two people collarborate on one task – it never leaves te browser sandbox. 

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Do Share — Now with Poll support built in

Do Share was released on May 7th, exactly five months ago.

To celebrate, I'm releasing version 5 of Do Share, which supports polls!

Some Google+ users made a habit of asking their readers questions by adding answers as comments, and allowing their readers to vote by +1ing the comments.

Do Share version 5 automates this – when posting you can click the poll icon, add your answers, and Do Share will automatically add those answers as comments to your post, and will disable comments on the post.

This takes a fraction of a second, so when using Do Share to publish your poll, you're free from the risk of having a quick reader comment in between your poll's answers.

Install Do Share for free at

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15 thoughts on “Page managers, you will love this!

  1. Norman Robinson

    Still not quite open enough: looking at moving back out to a WordPress or Blogger and cross-posting back into the walled garden here at G+ 😐

  2. Tzafrir Rehan

    +Max Huijgen the only restriction is not being able to upload a photo from the Do Share interface.

    If you upload a photo to your page's albums, you then have the option of sharing that photo via Do Share.

  3. Tzafrir Rehan

    +Sophie Wrobel on my computer once I upload a image, the option to post as a page is greyed out. Are you seeing something different? If so then yes, this is a bug and I would like to fix it.


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