Old, not sick, but still unfit: one step towards the Holy Grail Cocktail

By | October 1, 2012
Researchers might have found out how to keep our immune system healthy beyond the age of 40: by blocking a single key protein. But unfortunately, this isn't the Holy Grail just yet – while it would keep the immune response (preventing flu, sickness, and other viral or bacterial infectious diseases), it doesn't restore the youthful skin elasticity and muscular ability. Makes me wonder what the final drug cocktail comprising the legendary fountain of youth will turn out to contain.

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Blocking key protein could halt age-related decline in immune system, study finds
The older we get, the weaker our immune systems tend to become, leaving us vulnerable to infectious diseases and cancer and eroding our ability to benefit from vaccination. Now scientists have found t…

6 thoughts on “Old, not sick, but still unfit: one step towards the Holy Grail Cocktail

  1. Max Huijgen

    "But just waking up the desk cops won't cut it if the beat cops are too sluggish" Ah, so I have sluggish beat cops. 

  2. Justen Robertson

    I don't think it'll be a straight drug cocktail. It'll probably be a mix of gene therapy, drugs, and maybe physical interventions to repair or replace tissue (nanorobots and cultured tissue).

  3. Craig Perko

    It's a given that any solution is going to involve a combination of treatments. We already take this cocktail approach to many kinds of illnesses, and while you have to be careful not to step on any other treatment's toes, it allows you a lot of freedom as to which pieces of the condition to treat in which way.

    That's really important for conditions like aging, where everyone will be somewhat different. Changing the dose of certain treatments, or switching them out for more appropriate ones given your specific situation, makes the overall condition much more tractable.

  4. Francois Demers

    Here is one possible answer +Sophie Wrobel not for the recipe but for the effect of this heady wine: lots and lots of fine young old people building an ever-thicker glass ceiling for the real young people: they will have the wealth, the power, and the experience. They will be invincible.


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