Something big is happening

By | September 19, 2012
Tensions are growing between the east and the west. The sleeping giant is waking up. Not just because of the call to arms, but other things too. It is certainly worrying.

/via +L. Charles Burch 

Chinese General: Prepare for Combat
China’s most powerful military leader, in an unusual public statement, last week ordered military forces to prepare for combat, as Chinese warships deployed to waters near disputed islands and anti-

13 thoughts on “Something big is happening

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Trevor Brown I did travel to a 'trouble zone' some years ago – not China, though. One thing that surprised me was how drastic the difference between propaganda layers are:
    1) What your country's media says
    2) What the country's international media says
    3) What the country's domestic media says
    4) What the people say to foreigners
    5) What the people are willing to write
    6) What the people say among each other

    … the further down the list you go, the harder it is to find opinions. And that's a whole lot to analyze looking for the truth!

  2. Trevor Brown

    +Sophie Wrobel You know it's funny, I was thinking exactly that while I read this. I'd really love to see personal accounts speak about this situation. In the world today I find it infinitely liberating that we can listen to people rather than media run by money and/or single reports in general when deciding how we feel about conflicts, opinion pieces, and government agendas. Generally even if one were to saturate the internet with an opinion artificially, there will always be at least few people telling the truth, and a lot of people looking for it.

  3. Yi Chiao Cheng

    with concerns to China's current currency warfare, US is supposed to be prepared for this ( there was a book published a few years back called Currency wars). However I think the US never thought China would try something so bold as to destroy the US currency base (since they are one of the largest debtors)

    And with all the bad blood between the Chinese and Japanese. I doubt there is little hope for a peaceful solution.

    The whole issue is just too complicated and all the parties involved have an interest. Best thing to do is really to stock up on neccesities and pray for the best

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    +Trevor Brown , to some extent, I think that anything that makes it to media is propaganda. But at least we now have the chance to read propaganda from multiple sides, unlike in the days before the internet, when we only had propaganda from one side.

    +L. Charles Burch It isn't just Revelations-believers who see parallels in the end of the world and the current state of affairs. I've heard similar comments about the Jewish and Muslim equivalent prophecies being fulfilled. You may need to learn some language other than English in order to read, though, as Google translate is horrible at religious middle-eastern texts. If you aren't religious, or don't happen to appreciate what other religions have to say, please don't be offended, you can read them as juicy works of literature instead.

  5. Trevor Brown

    Its funny, I know little of this topic but it strikes me as propaganda… Do events like this never take place generally? Are disputes between Japan and China rare?

  6. Gabriela Anghel

    Muslims who want to restrict our freedom of speech through restricting the the opinions expressed in different ways, and some of them are ready to impose their values through violence, Chinese fighting with Japanese apparently for old territories and preparing for more violence, what's next?


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