What would you do with a badge-sized smartphone?

By | September 18, 2012
"Imagine if you were to replace the lens in a mobile phone with a flat and ultrathin one – you could then squeeze your smartphone down to a thickness approaching that of a credit card," says team leader Federico Capasso…

There are two big limiting factors in scaling down a smartphone: The power source, and the camera. Perhaps for now, the answer to power supplies lies not in the nano area, but in the macro area: flexible cable-shaped batteries are just as good as anything else in storing electrical charge. But a new, flat lens is news that solves the other bulky issue.

"The antenna is nothing more than a resonator that stores light and then releases it after a short time delay."

Holes, acting as nanoantennae in the surface of a gold sheet, are responsible for this phase delay, focusing the light. The filtered wavelengths can be adjusted by changing the size, angle and spacing between the holes.

/via +Jenny Winder 

First flat lens focuses light without distortion –
Pattern of nanoantennas eliminates optical aberrations

2 thoughts on “What would you do with a badge-sized smartphone?

  1. Abe Pectol

    I would put it into glasses. Or, obviously, I don't have to do that as it is being done already. In that case, the OP tech would allow for better RSD (retinal scan displays, that is).


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