Hello, dreaded climate change!

By | September 17, 2012
Noooo, this is not what I need this winter… more extreme temperatures is bad. I don't want to have to bike through snow and ice. And it means we'll need more wood, and it means that next year's crop isn't going to be good either. 🙁

Already, the last few years weren't normal – we're pulling in the harvest one month earlier than normal this year, and our neighbours are doing the same, even though the fruit aren't fully ripe yet: they're already starting to go bad, we can't leave them on the branches any longer.

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Arctic Sea Ice Melt May Trigger Extreme European Winter | Wired Science | Wired.com
The record loss of Arctic sea ice this summer may mean a cold winter for the UK and northern Europe. The region has been prone to bad winters after summers with very low sea ice, such as 2011 and 2007…

8 thoughts on “Hello, dreaded climate change!

  1. Alihana Md. Salleh

    We have tropical climate here. Normally raining season is always end of the year. But this is not true in recent years. We even have flash flood in June 🙁

  2. Frank Nestel

    +Joe Parker it's more like 5 billion. Climate observations are fairly agreed. Even the climate change sceptical scientists argue with the polar ice. Apart from that we have tree rings for at least 12000 years and fossils for several 100 million years. What differs between lines of research are the conclusions and predictions from the data.

    Anyway there is no normal climate. There ia only the climate we are adapted to and if this goes away we'll be in severe trouble.

    This ia not arrogant, this is science. We all should have a chance to learn the fruits of smart peoples deep thinking, it currently runs our lives (I mean the mere existence of our dialogue would have been pure magic 300 years ago).

  3. Joseph Parker PMP

    +Frank Nestel the earth is around 4 billion years old (i could be wrong) I do know that our information on climate activity is changing all of the time and we don't have a clue as to its true condition. We are taking a few hundred years of data along with speculation from ice cores that have no baseline and assuming we have an understanding of how the climate works.  That is a bit arrogant I think.

  4. Frank Nestel

    +Joe Parker this is a bit of a strange argument. First I thought you wanna tell me we're only here for 5000 years. I mean what is all that climate research, that drilling in polar ice, that study of sediments and trees good for, if not, for knowing a little better about what could be "normal".

    And actual the "normal" during the times of dinosours was much hotter than the normal today. Earth is turning away from being a good habitat fĂźr home sapiens, this might gonna happen.


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