What that Imperial ventilator really does: charge a smartphone

By | September 9, 2012

Neat idea! What is really missing is a picture of someone covered with charging devices – typical kinetic energy chargers are on highly utilized limbs such as legs and arms, but the nose / mouth is new.

Put a voice modifier into that mask, though, with an optional (styled) helmet featuring a built-in iPhone holder, and it'll make a great gimmick. 🙂

/via +Daniel Ely Rankin

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I’m recharging my phone
This concept for a gadget called the AIRE mask, contains tiny wind turbines which harness the wind power created by breathing and converts it into electricity to run your personal electronics. Inventor Joco Paulo Lammoglia from Brazil, said the device could be used in all situations from running to sleeping. He also added: ‘I hope to bring the concept into production and reduce the carbon footprint. It can be used indoors or outdoors, while you're sleeping, walking, running or even reading a book. Harnessing energy from human activities and transforming it into electricity is possible and is a great solution.’

My guess is it will require a lot of heavy breathing to power even a single phone call. Perhaps the gadget is more useful for StarWars cosplay.


7 thoughts on “What that Imperial ventilator really does: charge a smartphone

  1. Jason Bauman

    At first glance, I thought iCPAP. lol — This is a neat idea, but I agree that cosplayers may be the only ones willing to wear it in public.

  2. JP Seabury

    All this time I thought his labored breathing was a result of those crippling third degree burns — but poor Anikan was just charging up his iPod. Neat!


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