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By | September 4, 2012

Good work from +Tobias Baunbæk – it's like Dropbox, but works out of the browser. No installation files / background daemon service required. I wonder how your use case lines up – with everything moving into the browser and into the cloud, is this something for you?

Reshared post from +EuroTech — Quick & Painless File Sharing Straight From Gmail Or Outlook
by +Sebastiaan van den Akker, for +EuroTech; The Netherlands

Yes, you can be European and have innovative company too. is a Danish company, based in Copenhagen, and founded in 2010. They offer more than just sharing files from within Gmail or Outlook, you can also upload files straight from their own site. You get 2GB of free storage, if you need more, you can upgrade your account to either 5GB, 40GB, or 200GB for respectively $5, $10, or $20 per month. 

Do you really need yet another file sharing service? No, probably not but the time savings you gain are probably worth enough to sign up for the service, definitely if you share large files, and its free! 

With, you don’t need to upload a file to an external site anymore, grab the link, and insert it into your mail message. It doesn’t distract you from your normal Gmail or Outlook interface experience, you attach the file, it uploads in the background to their servers, while you continue writing your e-mail. Yes, even your mom could use it. No offence to the techie moms out there…

How does it work?

You need to sign up for an account at, either the old fashioned way or by using your Facebook or Twitter account if you have one. Then install the Gmail [1] or Outlook [2] Chrome extension.  Next, login to your respective service, and create a new message. You’ll find a new button which says ‘attach file via’ It then asks you to login with your account, – that’s it, the uploading starts and inserts a shortened URL from which people can download the attachment. Look ma, no hands!

What about Dropbox, Google Drive and MS Skydrive?

The strength of is that it’s so seamless and integrates so well through the Chrome extension with your e-mail experience. Yes, you could also use Dropbox (or another random sharing service), but you will first need to upload the file, or if you are lucky, it happens to be in your shared folder. Then you still need to share it, copy the link, and insert it into your e-mail message. With, it just takes one press of a button. It generates the link code right away so you don’t have to wait for the file to upload. Huge time savings! The only gripe is that currently only supports Chrome, it would be nice if they would also release extensions for Safari and Firefox.

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