Cable-type battery

By | August 31, 2012
Rather innovative battery design – rather than packing the anode and cathode components into a dense block, how about twisting them into a hollow helix? This makes it flexible, and allows the battery to fit into a cable. And, that means a range of new potential applications – because cables can go where other things can't, for example into the human body along with other periscopic surgical devices, embedded into clothing and other textiles, etc.

/via +Oleg Kutkov 

LG produces the first flexible cable-type lithium-ion battery | ExtremeTech
LG Chem, a member of the LG conglomerate/chaebol and one of the largest chemical companies in the world, has devised a cable-type lithium-ion battery that’s just a few millimeters in diameter, and is …

3 thoughts on “Cable-type battery

  1. Robert Worstell

    How about wrapping an electric fence charger battery around a fence post?  Or simply inserting the battery into the hollow frame of the vehicle? Electric bikes, for instance…


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