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By | August 17, 2012

One of the pages I write on, +EuroTech , is looking for more writers! Would you care to join? Our backlog of topics to write on is big… 😉

Reshared post from +EuroTech

+EuroTech Is Looking For Columnists And Contributors
by the +EuroTech team; Europe

Are you passionate about technology? We’re looking to expand our article menu, and we ask you to help us.

You probably noticed that we often talk about politics, hardcore science, and funny experiments, but hardly about new trending gadgets. That’s because we believe that writing about topics following our personal inclinations produces the best results. If you are interested in the gadgets subject, we would be glad to welcome you aboard! Naturally, that would not prevent you from writing about anything else that is of interest, as long as it is related to Europe and technology.

+Max Huijgen started this page and gathered a team of volunteers who want to get European tech better known and connect the people working in it. In 6 months, EuroTech managed to become a good addition to all the American tech magazines here on +Google+. We’d like to grow beyond Google+, and we’d like to improve what we can offer you so far. Thus, in order to continue to produce more quality articles everyday, +EuroTech is calling for additional team members.

Want to join our little team?
Just leave a comment here, or send us a private message. We will be glad to answer any question. Feel free to reshare this post and forward it to people who might be interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
the +EuroTech team.

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5 thoughts on “Want to join?

  1. Oleg Guchashvili

    I think I should be not bad writer, but in Georgian or Russian languages – my English is poor and my French is even more poor 🙂
    I like to write but language barrier is problem 🙁


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