Rectenna: steal power and be an NFC chip

By | August 12, 2012
Not enough to convince me to use an NFC chip in my personal devices… but quite cool. This new design could mean that your smartphone doubles as NFC and a residual wave consumer, turning residual waves into energy to power your phone. However, I doubt it would be sufficient to do away with that charger for good. 

Cheap NFC-based chips run on your phone’s radio waves, can be read and written
A new generation of cheaper, passively powered smart tags could accelerate NFC adoption very soon. Developed at Sunchon National University and Paru

4 thoughts on “Rectenna: steal power and be an NFC chip

  1. Dan Hirsch

    +Tony Lawrence what would it help sticking them onto things you don't want to loose? These are NFC Tags – if you lost one, you would have to come closer than 10cm with a detecting device (Smartphone with NFC) in order to find it.

  2. Tony Lawrence

    Yes, themselves.  Which (assuming you could one day program them at home) would make them ideal for sticking onto things you don't want to lose 🙂


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