Oops- Another Apple vulnerability

By | August 11, 2012
So much for apple's security!  You probably don't even need hacking, as chances are a colluder for this sort of thing would be easier to find than most other hacking forms…

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13 Year Old Programmer Shows How to Get Free Apple Apps
 iOS and MacOs are both vulnerable to his discovery that if one reports an account as hacked you can continue to use it for software purchases. The ´purchases´ thus made don´t show up in the buyers history and although they show a price can be downloaded for free. 

The young programmer became well known after a WSJ report quoted below:
Paul Dunahoo went on a business trip to San Francisco last week, where he attended technical sessions at Apple Inc.'s developer conference, networked with other programmers and received feedback from Apple engineers on his six productivity apps.

Then, Mr. Dunahoo, chief executive of Bread and Butter Software LLC, returned to Connecticut to get ready for the eighth grade.

"It's a very rare opportunity" to be at Apple's conference, said Mr. Dunahoo, who is 13 years old and wears red braces.

On the below video no sign of braces and a deep voice but his 14th birthday has yet to arrive..

Expect Apple to respond to this work-around. Meanwhile this could well become the weekend Apple accounts got hacked more than ever…

4 thoughts on “Oops- Another Apple vulnerability

  1. Jake Weisz

    This is becoming a weekly thing. Perhaps this may be the month the pundits are ready to admit that Apple isn't the secure platform people claim.


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