What happens to your digital identity after you die?

By | August 6, 2012
It's a fair question to ask – from multiple different angles.
(1) Do you, or your heirs, get to retain the data? Do / should your heirs be able to access your account to, say, post the bad news and shut down the account?
(2) Does your identity get 'deleted'? Should it? If not – how reasonable is it to expect cloud platforms to pay for the data upkeep for a growing number of 'orphaned' dead? Are the dead included in their member statistics?
(3) How does an online service ascertain a member's death?
(4) If you wish for your identity to perpetuate, who pays the bill? Or, as long as your assets are not frozen, how and when does your internet site go down?

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One thought on “What happens to your digital identity after you die?

  1. Jake Weisz

    It'd be cool if you could flag certain parts of your online identity to be deleted on your death before it's passed on to family. I think there are people I would want to have access to certain private things, but there's other stuff I'd rather people didn't.


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