Cheap, commonplace solar panels

By | August 2, 2012
This is awesome. We could finally have a financially viable model for preserving those ancient monuments: Hook up their green copper-oxide roofs to nanowires, and turn them into energy generators, and use the income to keep the monuments around instead of taxpayers' money!

Seriously: if they can find a way to scale this new discovery, it would make major headway in turning power generation more green and more accessible. As long as no one takes it into their minds to ban or patent-clamp Graphene, that is!

/via +Joseph Baker 

Nano Breakthrough Paves Way for Super Cheap Solar Panels | Wired Enterprise |
One of the reasons solar panels are so expensive is that it’s tricky to extract electric currents from semiconductors, the materials used to convert solar radiation into electrical energy. Up til now,…

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