Calling all Europeans: Your voice wanted!

By | August 2, 2012
The European Commission is looking to see what they can do to make the EU a union instead of a bunch of bickering nations like we are today. This is your chance to help voice what you'd like to see changed.

Quite spontaneously, five things that I for one would like to see:
 – mobility without being penalized (roaming costs, huge differences in cost of living, etc)
 – dealing a heavy hand to GEMA, ARD, and other large half-stately organizations that do an incredibly inadequate job with what they are supposed to be doing, at extremely high costs – either disband them or force them to modernize
 – rethinking the whole 'carbon taxation scheme' – stop taxing consumers and start taxing large industry. Private households can't put up with 15% inflation per year or cut 15% of usage year upon year (and especially not households with growing populations!)
 – simplify taxation policies for border-crossing workers
 – unify market access and delivery services, and unify payment methods without compromising data privacy.

Reshared post from +Dieter Mueller

EU Citizens Rights Consultation 2012

If you are an EU Citizen please join the EU Citizens Rights Consultation 2012:

The European Commission is working to strengthen your rights.

In 2010, the European Commission issued the first EU Citizenship Report to inform EU citizens about their rights. It listed 25 actions to make citizens’ life easier.

These actions are well on track: check the dedicated scoreboard. Your views will help us prepare the next EU Citizenship Report that will be published in 2013 – The European Year of Citizens.

So instead of staying Complacent you can actually send your Input to the EU Commission has often in the recent Years fought hard for Citizen Rights and Consumer Protection (like such Things as lowering Roaming Fees for Mobile Phones).

Especially in Light of the Euro Crisis we Europeans should make our Participation in the political Process a regular Habit …

This is one of the rare Occasion were I ask my fellow European to Re-Share this Message.

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