Burning, scorching temperatures? It gets worse

By | July 27, 2012
This article presents a rather startling narration of how the future will look for mid-western USA if current trends continue. It isn't pretty.

But what is perhaps more scary is the unwritten line beyond the end of the article: What else, other than climatology, is going wrong?

Climate changes alone are scary, but not everything. Trends in state and superstate powers and policy don't look promising, either, nor do massive financial scandals, nor do patents in biotechnology – which, despite organic cravings, we're going to need to increasingly rely on if we send ourselves into a brave new aridity and resource scarcity, the same way we are already so dependent on the state and on big finance.

I'm starting to wonder if it's time for a new fictional parody on how the talking, social and compley dinosaurs really brought about their extinction, in a world which wasn't hit by an astroid with a major dust cloud.

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The “New Climatology” of the West
The West is on the verge of downshifting to a new, perilous level of aridity.

2 thoughts on “Burning, scorching temperatures? It gets worse

  1. Joseph Kane

    The thing that really scares me is that AGW is only the biggest ecological threat by a small margin.  Monocropping, the loss of biodiversity, and overuse of our fresh water supplies have the potential to cause as much or more suffering as a warming planet, and it's all occurring at once.


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