Goodbye, Hepatitis C!

By | July 19, 2012

One less disease to worry about – assuming that this nanoparticle is affordable, and not patented like everything else these days. Although with it's golden lining (literally – this thing is covered in gold), it may be a bit more expensive than most nanoparticles!

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Nanoparticle Completely Eradicates Hepatitis C Virus

Researchers at the University of Florida (UF) have developed a nanoparticle that has shown 100 percent effectiveness in eradicating the hepatitis C virus in laboratory testing.

The nanoparticle, dubbed a nanozyme, consists of a backbone made from gold nanoparticles and a surface with two biological components. One biological component is an enzyme that attacks and destroys the mRNA, which provides the recipe for duplicating the protein that causes the disease. The other biological part is the navigator, if you will. It is a DNA oligonucleotide that identifies the disease-related protein and sends the enzyme on course to destroy it.


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  1. André Esteves

    if it connects to the virus it could also connect to what the virus connects on a human.. And there you dont know its effects… That's the difference between test tube and rat model…. Let the rats in!


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