History: Google+'s answer to facebook and content mangel

By | July 18, 2012
I like the idea. But if there is one thing Google does not do well, that is noise control. And without that, History+ is useless in my opinion.

Further, and more importantly, what we really need is a full-fledged API. Including posting content (I don't care if I need to make two API calls, one to post and one to move out of the history queue, but I want out of the G+ interface into something actually usable). That, in my opinion, is the biggest barrier to finding quality content in G+ at the moment – once that is fixed, any developer can go and fix the rest of the issues (like noise controls) with third-party solutions in the G+ ecosphere.

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Just catching up on the slew of Google+ announcements from while I was away. This upcoming Google+ History functionality has the potential to be very important. 

The idea behind Google+ history is that you do a lot of things on the web, but you might only want to share some of them. Right now Facebook’s Open Graph API often catches users by surprise. Even though they’ve authorized auto-sharing, they might not realize the article they read or video they watched is being broadcasted to friends.

In contrast, Google+ History makes sure users are always in control. Google’s Ken Norton explained in his fanfare-less announcement, “With just a few lines of code your app can privately save moments (like a listened song, or a visited restaurant) to a user’s Google+ history, and from there users can share those moments with others.”

Still getting my head around this one…

Google+ History: The New API That Powers Its More Private Version Of Facebook Timeline | TechCrunch
While people were skydiving into I/O, Google quietly made a massively important announcement about a new feature called Google+ History, which gives apps an API to auto-share content to a private hold…

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