The smallest chess engine you'll ever see

By | July 16, 2012

WOW. Time to crack out a de-obfuscator to double check… but this is really amazing work!

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Seriously awesome! – a 1kb Javascript chess engine

A Mexican software developer Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez wrote Toledo Javascript Chess (, the world's smallest chess program in JS.

This version won the first JS1K contest and defeated several hundreds of novice players along the world. Its just crazy how small this game is – in fact I'm going to post the entire game source code in this post just so you understand what kind of feat this was (more info here

Complete source code:
for(B=i=y=u=b=i=5-5,x=10,I=[],l=[];B++<304;I[B-1]=B%x?B/x%x<2|B%x<2?7:B/x&4?0:l[i++]="ECDFBDCEAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIMKLNJLKM@G@TSb~?A6J57IKJT576,+-48HLSUmgukgg OJNMLK  IDHGFE".charCodeAt(y++)-64:7);function X(c,h,e,s){c^=8;for(var o,S,C,A,R,T,G,d=e&&X(c,0)>1e4,n,N=-1e8,O=20,K=78-h<<9;++O<99;)if((o=I[T=O])&&(G=o^c)<7){A=G–&2?8:4;C=o-9?l[61+G]:49;do if(!(R=I[T+=l[C]])&&!!G|A<3||(R+1^c)>9&&G|A>2){if(!(R-2&7))return K;n=G|(c?T>29:T<91)?o:6^c;S=(R&&l[R&7|32]*2-h-G)+(n-o?110:!G&&(A<2)+1);if(e>h||1<e&e==h&&S>2|d){I[T]=n;I[O]=0;S-=X(c,h+1,e,S-N);if(!(h||e-1|B-O|T-b|S<-1e4))return W(),c&&setTimeout("X(8,0,2),X(8,0,1)",75);I[O]=o;I[T]=R}if(S>N||!h&S==N&&Math.random()<.5)if(N=S,e>1)if(h?s-S<0:(B=O,b=T,0))break}while(!R&G>2||(T=O,(G||A>2|(c?O>78:O<41)&!R)&&++C*–A))}return-K+768<N|d&&N}function W(){i="<table>";for(u=18;u<99;document.body.innerHTML=i+=++u%x-9?"<th width=60 height=60 onclick='I[b="+u+"]>8?W():X(0,0,1)'style='font-size:50px'bgcolor=#"+(u-B?u*.9&1||9:"d")+"0f0e0>&#"+(I[u]?9808+l[67+I[u]]:160):u++&&"<tr>")B=b}W()

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9 thoughts on “The smallest chess engine you'll ever see

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    A bug! A bug! I made some random senseless moves, and after about 6 moves it didn't reply anymore. It wasn't a stalemate either.

  2. Ralph Lacey

    Quite impressive, no castling and no en passant (sp?) Seems like it uses a simple "defend the piece stategy" with a one move ahead attack strategy, so it is possible to lead it into traps.

  3. Spencer Renosis

    Impressive that it is such a small program. Unimpressive because I just destroyed it in a game and I haven't played chess in a few years.


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