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But you'll need to scout for your own ethernet card – I think that belongs to the standard 'usable' setup these days, the CD/DVD RW! …Unless, of course, you belong to Generation Offline.

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How To Build A Computer For Under $200

Our configuration came to a very affordable $167.95. Overall, this inexpensive PC is solid for most any student or home user. For enthusiasts, it makes a good second (or third) PC for the home as well. The assembly takes roughly 25 to 30 minutes, and it's easy to piece together. Follow our ten-step guide and you'll be computing away on your own customized PC in no time.

How to build a computer ~ Los Angeles Web Studio

3 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Richmond Low

    The Shuttle has built-in gigabit ethernet on the motherboard.

    Having said that, the K8 featured in the article is quite old and I don't think they make them anymore. The newer cases most probably would have built-in wifi as well.

  2. Nelson Cruz

    I did a quick search and the Shuttle G7 K48 seems to already have Ethernet port built in. However that article is from 2010. Better options are almost certainly available.


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