Nature surprises us yet again

By | July 6, 2012
It's always nice when something "impossible" shows up – reminding us how little we actually understand. Admitting how little we actually know is the beginning of learning.

And now: How can we explain this impossible formation?

/via +Jenny Winder 

“Impossible” Binary Star Systems Found
Astronomers think about half of the stars in our Milky Way galaxy are, unlike our Sun, part of a binary system where two stars orbit each other. However, they’ve also thought there was a limit on how …

2 thoughts on “Nature surprises us yet again

  1. Plato Nista

    This is fascinating! I remember learning about this in astronomy class many years ago, and now it seems that the story about how such systems form will have to change. 

  2. Virginia Alexander

    "The astronomers said it is possible that the magnetic field lines radiating out from the cool star companions get twisted and deformed as they spiral in towards each other, generating extra [magnetic] activity through stellar wind, explosive flaring and star spots… [which] could apply the brakes to these spinning stars, slowing them down so that they move closer together."    Cool!


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