Q: What is a car?

By | July 3, 2012
Answer: actually, no one liner; it'll take more detail than a patent document to describe it.

What did you think a car was? Something with more than two wheels and is powered by a non-animal energy source? No, obviously not. It seems that a car needs to have a windscreen, washers, wipers, lights, and many other accessories before it fits the definition of car… put all together, that's more complex than most Apple design patents (e.g. box with a screen, a sliding lock, and buttons).

Sigh. It would have been soooo much fun to see the Flintmobile driving down the street! 🙂

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The Flintstones Vehicle – Verboten In Germany
German Police spoiled the fun of having an exact replica of the footmobile ‘drive’ around: Too unsafe. Of course, Germany has to maintain a reputation when it comes to cars…
by +Alexander Becker, +EuroTech; Germany

The wheels are rolling stones, an animal skin serves as a roof. And as Fred Flintstone lived in the stone age, there is no engine. Fred and his pal Barney Rubble have to paw mightily with their feet so that the “car” moves. All that is known from the animated cult TV series “The Flintstones.”

Sebastian Träger has built the real-life version of the stone age car. Instead of being foot-driven, it is powered by an old Wartburg engine from the GDR era.

As a child, Sebastian was always glued to the TV when the series flickered across the screen. Eventually, the Thuringian had his crazy idea: “We’ll build the Flintstone-mobile in life-size.” No sooner said than done. Together with a couple of friends, one of whom worked professionally as a car mechanic, he constructed the famous stone-age car as a mobile gimmick.

Details such as the wooden steering wheel were made with painstaking work. Unlike the original from the animated film, the stone rolls are only hinted at, hidden underneath the stone-age exterior is the chassis of the old Wartburg – and its 1.3-liter Volkswagen engine.

When Sebastian tried to register his car with the authorities, he quickly realized that a car isn’t a car – “When we got to the registration form section about the number of lights, windscreen washers and wipers – we don't even have a windscreen – we gave up. Instead, we trailer it to shows and exhibitions for people to see and everyone seems to love it.”

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  1. Michael-Forest M.

    There are a number of laws (most of them safety related, some emissions-related) which regulate what you can and cannot take on public roads.


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