Finally, soneone wants to make public WLAN legal!

By | July 1, 2012
It's about time that a modernization clause removed the necessity to lock down WLAN access points. See, ever since the fateful decision that the WLAN owner is responsible for any illicit activities taking place on his connection, it has made opening up public WLAN infrastructure in Germany extremely challenging – in particular for restaurant and retail owners to whom this could bring a great benefit.

It's not yet law, but this draft certainly looks promising : one step closer to universal internet access. I further think that this would promote mobile usage in Germany – if indeed public WLAN coverage increases, mobile data plans would become irrelevant as a European Growth limiting factor for the media industry. Now that would be a revolution!

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Internet-Law » Haftungsprivileg für (offene) W-LANs?
Der Vorschlag weist aus meiner Sicht in die richtige Richtung, wenngleich er in dieser Form kaum Aussichten auf eine Umsetzung haben dürfte. Auch wenn ich den Vorstoß außerordentlich begrüße, kann ich…

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