Surprise! Finance is the 3rd most engaging industry on Facebook

By | June 29, 2012
The financial industry is very conservative. In my opinion, much more than the retail industry. And yet, according to this survey, they are the third most engaging industry on Facebook.

Place one and two (Telecom and Airlines) are rather expected. I'm not sure what to make about Finance filling in place three. Possible conclusions could be:
(1) The survey doesn't have the same measure of engagement as I do. I consider engagement to be measured by an index including chains of two-way communication between at least two persons. I suspect the survey bases itself on 'likes' and 'follows' as engagement.
(2) Engagement in other sectors is so terrible, that Finance manages to rank third.
(3) I missed out on a lot of web action.

I personally hold the latter two as unlikely, and that the most probable explanation is a warped idea on what "engagement" really means, as well as underperforming industry overall in terms of curating consumer passion within online communities.

/via +Kamal Bennani 

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