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By | June 26, 2012

So, I got the Google+ update today, and that messed up my layout… so I fixed my plugin!

What it does
1. Multi-column layout: Moves multimedia to the right half, and leaves everything else on the left half. Super-wide screens get more than two columns.
2. Make 'What's new?' box for you to enter posts, and make your Circles always available – they are at the bottom of the screen and don't scroll.
3. Remove annoying suggestions.
4. Vertical space saver: move the +1 statistics to the lower right corner of the post (either overlapping the picture, or in the bottom of the article preview text) Condense white space considerably.
5. Remove speech bubbles: There's an option to turn them back on. I personally detest them.

Link to Chrome plugin, in case you are interested: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B52D6ns6sCFveF9vMEt2azdRR0k

47 thoughts on “Update: Clean Google+

  1. Karl Roche

    Can't seem to use +1 and reply buttons on comments. Just downloaded latest version. Also using Extended Share for Google Plus, if that helps? Very nice layout.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +Gary Calpo no, that isn't it – there's a bit of styling that tells it to use all the available space, even when you have the 'sorting' is turned off. It used to be there but somehow I missed it when updating from the old G+ version to the new G+ version. 

  3. Gary Calpo

    +Sophie Wrobel Oh, I just didn't have that 2nd-column feature enabled.   It works as expected once I Ctrl-Minus my text one more step to squeeze it in.  After my main 24" panel fizzled out on me, I've been stuck in the narrow confines of my secondary 17" monitor in portrait mode.  My new Dell Ultrasharp arrives later today 🙂

  4. Gary Calpo

    +Sophie Wrobel  Thank you for the update! I can now see all my circles and saved searches on my LCD — provided  I Ctrl-Minus  my text size one notch.  (Screenshot  http://i.imgur.com/K1nXI.png ) And yes, I should probably clean out some of them 🙂   Most of my saved searches are from the early G+ "Sparks" feature  but the first few I still use to keep tabs on local happenings.  

  5. Sophie Wrobel

    Update for +Axel Eble +David D. Stanton  – fixed the bug which causes the buttons to be blocked, as well as a first attempt at the stream-randomly-stops issue.

    +Gary Calpo I've also condensed the 'more' list under the circle-bar – not quite a solution, but should make more circles visible.

    Other than that, fixed a few display quirks on individual post view and on profile view.

    Moved bugs over to https://github.com/webmagex/cleanGPlus/issues?state=open since it's getting to be more than I can keep track of in my head, and this thread is getting too long to follow easily. 🙂

  6. Gary Calpo

    +Sophie Wrobel lol I'm a bit OCD with my circles.  I use it to (roughly) sort my follows by interest, then throttle each circle accordingly so my stream isn't swamped by photography or tech news.

    That would be awesome if the "circle-bar" went all the way across.   I would also love to anchor some of my saved searches to the circle-bar.  I have a couple geographic searches that I wish were more easily accessible.

    Amazing job so far!  🙂

  7. Sophie Wrobel

    +Gary Calpo you need fewer circles. 🙂

    No, seriously, thanks for the clarification! I got your point now – the last I checked, the menu opens upward, but you're right – this thing needs a better way to handle lots of circles. Will make a note on this – I know +Frédéric Bazin was dreaming of expanding them to fill the grey bar on his huge monitor when I started on this plugin some time ago, but I still haven't gotten around to extracting all the links and calculate the size of his monitor in order to hide the rest of the circles under 'more'.

  8. Gary Calpo

    +Sophie Wrobel Just to clarify my original issue.  At the bottom, where you docked the Circle shortcut buttons (starting with the "All" button)  I can get to my first two circles (in my case, #Drafts and #Bookmarks).  The rest of my circles are supposed to be accessible via the "More" button.  But because that button is anchored to the bottom of the page, the menu of additional circles that appears is largely inaccessible.

  9. Sophie Wrobel

    +Axel Eble probably another extension. Mine doesn't touch anything on the commenting functionality – that's original Google. I have been hearing repeatedly that this update is particularly buggy in the European user base, though – maybe it's Google's fault?

  10. Sophie Wrobel

    +Axel Eble i've found a bug which blocks the buttons sometime – will upload a fix the next time round.

    Commenting is working, though – it is only 'not working' if the post owner disabled comments on the post.

  11. Sophie Wrobel

    +Dhaval Shah Visit this site in your Chrome browser: chrome://chrome/extensions/

    From there you can delete or deactivate any extensions you don't like to 'reverse' their effect.

  12. Sophie Wrobel

    +Jyoti Dahiya +Mark Wisnewski +Amir ex  First you need to configure chrome to accept extensions. 
    1. Right-click on Chrome icon on your desktop
    2. Choose "Properties", 
    3. Look for the "Target" field. Add "–enable-extensions" at the end of the path. It should look now something like this: 
    "C:…chrome.exe" –enable-extensions
    4. Click "OK".
    5. Restart Chrome.

    Now you can install extensions without the web store! So click the download link, and after you click on the downloaded file it will pop up a warning asking you if you are sure you want to install the extension.

  13. Sophie Wrobel

    +Roberto Boccadoro This is for Chrome, not Firefox. 😉

    +Karan B Not that professional yet to have a nice hosted site with a one-click install button, but there's a link at the bottom of the post where you can click on the download link to install. It's just created to make G+ usable for me, and I figured perhaps others would be interested in it too!

    That said, if you want to make a nice page and all that, you can go ahead. The code is sitting on github, give me your alias and I can let you make a page for it if you want. 😉

    +Marcus Kaczmarek There's an option in the extension settings to let you get rid of the chat bar, if that helps.

  14. Marcus Kaczmarek

    Got the multi columns working had to kinda shrink the chatbar and keep my zoom down but it looks awesome now i can see more of my stories instead of all the videos and pics and have to scroll nice work on this plugin thnks

  15. Karan Bhatia

    wheres the button that allows me to get what is shown in the pic? Learn g+, thats what FB and Twitter are all about, easy buttons to do things, just put a button everywhere to "install"

  16. Sophie Wrobel

    +Marcus Kaczmarek There could be two reasons, (1) your screen is not wide enough for two columns, or (2) you turned off the multi-column option.

    +David D. Stanton I'm aware of this sporadic issue. Sometimes there is a loading error (when the timestamps don't appear), but sometimes I've noticed it just 'stops' for no reason – still trying to isolate the bug.

    +Gary Calpo it depends. It does very simple timestamp sorting (sometimes it opens 'upwards', sometimes 'downwards'). The circles should be fixed at the bottom of the screen (i.e. not scrolling), so you should be able to access them regardless.

  17. Gary Calpo

    Is the "More" button  at the bottom of the screen supposed to open "upwards"?  Mine is still trying to open downward, so I can't get to my other circles or saved searches.   If it makes any difference, I'm using a 17" LCD at 1024×1280 (rotated)

  18. David D. Stanton

    +Sophie Wrobel Noticed a bug with it, I am following close to 5000 people and my streams usually moving pretty quick, however, after getting the updates it does not seem to want to update the stream (I checked the pause button but its not paused) I reload the whole page and get a ton of back posts… 

  19. Gary Calpo

    Of all the nights  for my 24" to die on me 🙁  Will post feedback when the new monitor arrives.  This looks very interesting.   

  20. Phil Ashman

    wow…still trying to fix their inefficient layout hey?…:). I'm afraid I've all but given up on them creating a productive interface. Now I only come onto GPlus for a fun few minutes of interesting links. The lost potential kills me, but hey it is what is. Your extension looks like a major improvement though.


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