Business still doesn't understand the term social

By | June 22, 2012
Excellent thoughts from +Francine Hardaway on lacking company engagement. I agree completely. 28 hours response time to inquiries from social media? Wow. I'd also say there are a few additional types of non-engagement around businesses that haven't grasped the concept yet:

1) Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact us offline. Sure, you responded within 10 minutes. But you didn't answer the question, and you haven't understood that I contacted you online because I want other people to see how you handle the question. You obviously don't understand that, do you?

2) The self-obsessed spammer. I don't want to see your link to your website 20 times a day, each time with a different vague one-liner. Do you really think I will click on it?

3) The giveaway king. You just want my data, don't you? If you cared about my ideas, or about what I thought about you and your brand, maybe you'd try engaging and curating discussion about yourself instead.

Social Business Comes To LeWeb
The average company takes 28 hours to respond to a customer question on Facebook. How can you expect customers to engage if you don’t?

One thought on “Business still doesn't understand the term social

  1. Dennis D. McDonald

    Not surprising, especially if you've ever modeled for a client what it will actually cost them over a 12 month period  in staff time to monitor AND respond to messages received various social media channels. Clearly batching and/or vetting of responses is taking place.


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