Cure for Alzheimer's?

By | June 18, 2012
So this potential Alzheimer's vaccine has cleared human safety tests – but is it effective? If so, the world will be eagerly waiting…

I still have reservations on training the body to attack substances it produces naturally, and I still think a better cure would be preventative actions a sopposed to reactive treatments, but this is an excellent advancement nonetheless.

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» Trial of Alzheimer’s Vaccine is Successful – Psych Central News
Swedish researchers report the successful trial of a vaccine that helps individuals develop protective antibodies that can prevent progression of Alzheimer’s

11 thoughts on “Cure for Alzheimer's?

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Seval Gunes Yes, the study simply means that the vaccine is cleared to be tested in a clinical trial on humans. The effectiveness, if any, has yet to be determined.

    +Kershaw Rustomji well, waiting is important to see if it's effective. But I agree there's still room for improvement in certification wait times, aka. 'red tape'. Either way, even 5 years is not enough to study long-term effects.

  2. Kershaw Rustomji

    I read recently that Singapore has developed a cure for a certain kind of cancer …what shocked me is they say by best estimates it will be available commercially 5 years from now. Can we not spend a little less on other things and make this and other such trials and vaccines a state of emergency?

  3. Seval Gunes

    I pulled the study as I was intrigued. All they have been able to show is that there were no major side effects and the majority of patients made the antibodies.
    Absolutely nothing about any clinical improvement.
    Baby steps, at best.


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