Could the Grand Unifying Theory soon be found?

By | June 12, 2012
WOW. This guy has some very creative ideas, and from a number of different approaches to unifying Einstein's relativity with quantum mechanics. If he continues with this creative spread of thoughts, we could very well see a grand unifying theory emerge soon. That would be phenomenal – and likely the nobel prize of the century, if he succeeds.

… Until then, there's lots of space for science fiction to experiment with a universe not constrained by space-time. I can't wait to see juicy fiction on that line of thought emerge.

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The theories they seek to unify, quantum field theory and Einstein’s general theory of relativity, are well-grounded and well-tested, yet mutually incompatible. Reconciling them will demand that some deeply held intuition must give way. One such intuition is that the world exists within space and time.

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One thought on “Could the Grand Unifying Theory soon be found?

  1. André Fachat

    Wow, this is amazing! I have always thought of dark matter and dark energy some kind of dark "magic" – trying to explain observations without really understanding it.

    This guy could really be a new Einstein – if the theory works out! It now has to pass the experimental verification (whatever that means in galactic dimensions…)


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