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By | June 5, 2012
… now just need for Greek drachma to reappear and collapse

I wonder if this is a European attitude? I like visiting places to meet people – the best are people who can only speak the local language and not international languages, as they have so much to tell because they take nothing for granted, and bring you into their daily life and culture without 'hiding' anything for fear that it might offend a foreign visitor. The only problem is that you (the visitor) need to know the local language to a working level, or have a translator with you. On the other hand, most people I know from the other side of the ocean just want to see the major attractions (not sure why, maybe to say 'been there, done that').

I hope this idea is adopted outside of Greece too. But until then, you now know where to get great insider tips on, for your future trip to Greece – or if that's too much for your pocketbook, wait a bit and visit after they go back to the drachma.

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A brilliant idea which other countries should consider adopting

Three friends who live in Athens — Andreas Lytis, Constantinos Leimonis and Dimitris Iliopoulos — all computer science students, experienced this firsthand while traveling around Europe, going to countries where they knew people. The difference the insider tips made to their trips gave them the idea about a year ago to launch a new website doing just that for foreign visitors to Greece —

“We want to bring locals into contact with visitors,” explained 23-year-old Lytis. “We want Greeks to take them by the hand and show them all the hidden beauties of this land.” 

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