Finally, a potential tech IPO that won't fail: NoSQL

By | May 30, 2012
Partly due to the economic climate, bringing a company onto the stock market – in paeticularly a web tech company – is going to be greeted by skepticism. I'd argue that if there is one exception, MongoDB would be it. The reason is simple: it is nearly unrivaled in its niche, and that niche is growing rapidly with customers willing to pay.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database – rather than focus on defining objects like typical databases do, it focuses on defining relationships. A graph instead of a heierarchy. And that makes a big difference, because it means that the database can scale – from a tiny application with 10 users and not much data to a monster application like facebook with millions of users and much more data.

Given how fast 'going viral' can be a game-changer for the pile of web startups, and essential for any successful web service, you really can't afford to use any other kind of database. That's what MongoDB has, in the meantime, become a specialist in. Just as red hat quickly became the standard for enterprise scale open source operating systems, mongoDB is the emerging standard for open source enterprise scale web databases. Given the direction we are headed as a technically integrated society, that is a good and stable position to be in.

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