The future of education

By | May 28, 2012
What is the purpose of education? One theory is that it is there to help people get jobs. Another is that it is there to help people become more enlightened beings. Today's education system fails both of those goals, but it looks like that could be changing.

This article highlights Coursera and MITx which both could end up offering quality education, grades, and everything online for free – with a potential revenue being in helping headhunters pick out top candidates. That would be a big improvement and a big win for all parties involved over the current system, and would do what a vocational institution should be doing.

What then remains is the question of what a quality system to make people more enlightened should be – the enlightenment philosophical goal. That shouldn't vanish just because it isn't useful to capitalist commerce – philosophers still could do some good, amid their pie-in-the-sky ideas. After all, that's how democracy was born. But what form does that take in our digital revolution? Is it something like TED? Buddhism-like courses branded under a non-religious label? Or something yet to emerge?

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