New, accurate urine test for cancer

By | May 24, 2012
Pancreatic cancer can now be detected with 90 percent accuracy by dipping an indicator stick in urine. Compared with inaccurate and expensive body scans, this is very sweet. I wonder: can something similar be done for other types of cancer too?

/via +Wayne Radinsky 

A Cheap, Accurate Cancer Sensor, Created By A 15-Year-Old
Every year, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair wows us with the ingenuity of high school students. This year’s first place winner is particularly impressive. Jack Andraka, a 15-year-…

6 thoughts on “New, accurate urine test for cancer

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    Well, it is more than just brains. The competitors typically also have mentors from some university research team coaching them along the way – getting the ideas further than the students probably would have gone themselves. Given that professors somewhere were involved, i think it's safe to say that the 'extreme small population' is rather representative of how students develop after finishing education, too.

  2. barqzr davi

    hmmm of extreme interest to me , as i am double jeopardy high risk ,, i shall be informing my doctor as soon as i talk to National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation about this
    who sez internetz social is a waste of time? 😉 T.Y. +Sophie Wrobel

  3. Nandlal Shah

    And he won the first price for Intel science competition in the nation. He will have great future ahead of him and whole world will benefit…excellent post. +Sophie Wrobel


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