HTML5 security loopholes

By | May 24, 2012
It's no secret that HTML5 brings with it not just a lot of benefits and convenience to web developers, but also a lot of potential security flaws and room for abuse. This is one of the more concise summaries discussing the bigger concerns that you can expect coming to a browser near you.

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HTML5 Security Isn’t

Because HTML5 is largely used to build applications, security concerns are paramount. Consider banking, for example, where extremely private information must be kept as such. But the use of HTML5 features without a significant amount of thought behind them can leave customer data exposed. This article by +Molly E. Holzschlag discusses the types of HTML5 features which cause significant concerns in HTML5 security and provides managers and developers a basic guide to identify which areas of a site or portions of an application can benefit from these features, and those that can cause risk. #hpio #html5

HTML5 Security Isn’t – Input Output
As we delve more into building sites and applications with HTML5 and related APIs, we’re finding certain inevitable issues arising from security practices – or lack thereof – when managing these ne…

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