Guess who owns the most copyright works being taken down?

By | May 24, 2012
Hint: It's not the RIAA.

You would have thought that the top copyright owner for takedown requests is the entertainment industry, based on all the media attention they get. Want to guess again?

Google just added a new transparency report on copyright-allegation takedown requests. Top copyright owner for takedown requests sent to Google is Microsoft – with about 25 times more cases than the RIAA, who comes in fourth. Think about that for a moment. What could Microsoft have that is so valuable? Now think about all the patent wars, business models, and so on. There's the hard truth: software protection is a much bigger industry than the entertainment industry. And both of them have sharp-eyed hawks out to attack easy targets for infringement, and both industries are notorious for annoying legal battles that signify a broken system that badly needs to catch up with the times more than anything else.

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2 thoughts on “Guess who owns the most copyright works being taken down?

  1. Bill Slawski

    That is a little surprising, isn't it. There's a lot of pirating of software going on in the world though, from office production software to games.


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