Quantum Space Drive!

By | May 23, 2012
This is a big thing – quantum space-propulsion! Not only important as one of the first potential applications of quantum theory in common technology, but also cheaper and cleaner than current rocket propulsion systems essential in bringing satellites into orbit (without them, no mobile internet). Sadly, Egypt is not the best place for an aspiring young scientist to ramp up. Anyone up to help this gal get funding, mentoring, etc.?

/via +David Crosswell 

Mustafa’s Space Drive: An Egyptian Student’s Quantum Physics Invention
Forget Schrodinger’s Cat: The cutting edge of applied quantum science is in a new type of space drive for satellites and probes patented by a 19-year-old Egyptian student.

3 thoughts on “Quantum Space Drive!

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    +Nils Hitze from the article on onIslam: "Departments of astronomy and physics are only available. Although they are related to space sciences but unfortunately they aren’t into the specific field of my invention and they can’t practically test or implement it."

    I guess that means no. I'd expect the first prototype to be rather sensitive, though – far from a commercial solution.


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