Surprise, Facebook can screw up an IPO too!

By | May 22, 2012
I'm leery of companies that can't manage to conduct themselves professionally. If you can't write a contract properly, or if you need help from your clients in writing a bill… well, I may do business with you if sufficiently motivated, but I sure won't be investing in you.

The same goes to companies who have unexplainable large fluctuations in revenue/expenditure numbers, and the same goes to companies who glaringly specialize in mismanagement of financial aspects or core business. Screwing up an IPO by last-minute amendments… well, either you know your revenue numbers, or you don't. Any change means that you have something to hide, and i won't be investing. And not just that, but selectively passing on the information… wow.

Perhaps there isn't as much guilt as suggested. But that doesn't change the prognosis that something fishy is going on and facebook has something to hide.

/via +Scott Leighton 

BOMBSHELL: Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Forecasts For Company In Middle Of IPO Roadshow
This is a huge problem. Facebook IPO buyers should be outraged.

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