The dying days of US domination

By | May 19, 2012
So, China is not just an economic threat to the west – they may also be a military threat, if angered enough. When will the USA (and other 'western' nations start treating them as the superpower they have become? The days of US world domination are very numbered… and I'm not sure Americans are willing to accept that.

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China's stealth jets are 2 years ahead of schedule. But the real story isn't the Pentagon's estimates of China's schedule, but China's rapid modernization. That, and the latest US stealth fighters are underwhelming.

Surprise! China’s Stealth Jets Are 2 Years Ahead of Schedule | Danger Room |
Last year, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was greeted in Beijing by China’s experimental stealth jet buzzing over his head. Gates didn’t sweat it: He proclaimed that the J-20 wouldn’t be ready …

9 thoughts on “The dying days of US domination

  1. Gregory Esau

    China is developing its military capabilities for one primary reason–Taiwan. It will take over Taiwan one way or another, with military force being (unfortunately) the most likely scenario.

    Agreeing with +Sophie Wrobel , China is very steadily acquiring all the necessary trump cards.

  2. Frédéric Bazin

    I d say "sensible" rather than "civilized" foreign policy.
    Besides financial power, China is also developing worldwide monopoly on several industries and natural resource supplies which under certain circumstances might be even more threatening.

  3. Sophie Wrobel

    I agree that China won't be attacking via military anytime soon – not in their interests. The middle kingdom has always been, 'civilized'. But world domination isn't determined by military might alone anymore. It's determined by who can hold the major superpowers at bay, by diplomatic or other means. With a stranglehold on the world's money supply (and thus economy), China has a very convincing trump card to play. I suspect this card is underestimated still.

  4. César Díaz

    Too big for a fight. China is the new Soviet Union: ripe enough to understand it is better to solve differences through diplomacy.

  5. Kimberly Peacock

    It is also why the U.S. and China are now conjoined twins.

    China needs us for demand and we need her money.

    This will not last forever but U.S. needs to revitalise the middle class for the U.S. to remain a partner.

  6. Fawad Kazi

    We are 16 trillion dollars in debt people. This is while we have 2 wars going on, 900 military bases around the world, a Medicare system that is going bankrupt. And yet we have the audacity of having an arms race, ??? A military show down with China. It is time to scale back this senseless spending.

  7. Gary Tivey

    Makes absolutely no sense for China to wage war on anyone.
    The future of economic growth depends on friendly relations.
    Let's not bomb the people buying our products =)

  8. Kimberly Peacock

    The U.S. is not done yet, it can still correct course, and as it embraces distributed manufacturing into place, the east becomes obsolete and ours has an advantage.

    Not just technologically, because as a free society with free exchange of ideas, it has a greater ability to adapt and develop new innovations.


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