Looking for a new search engine? Try Volunia

By | May 19, 2012
I almost forgot about Volunia – I'd signed up as a power user a long time ago, was not impressed by their first version, and forgot about them until a reminder email they sent today.

That said, there are two things that they've changed that make it now very, very enticing – though not in the way they'd initially advertised themselves.

1. Their search results were more relevant than Google's. At least, no shopping results, and a filter bubble which I can control and turn on/off at will.

2. They introduced marginalia for the internet. Well, it's actually a chat bar which looks like a good place to abuse and put visitor commentary on a site as something for future visitors to consider… lets see how the community uses it.

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Volunia. Email. Password. Forgot Password? Click here. Login. Remember Me. Still no account? Do you want to know more about Volunia? Click here. Email. Reset Password. Remember the password? Login. St…

4 thoughts on “Looking for a new search engine? Try Volunia

  1. Sophie Wrobel

    they are currently in private beta, scheduled to launch publically next month. And they're headquartered in Italy, which has the most strict (okay, second most strict depending on your angle) data privacy laws in the world.

    The account is required to build and maintain your filter bubble – as well as allow you to fine-tune it.


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