TED's reputation on the line: TED may not be what you hold it to be

By | May 17, 2012
This is concerning. See, for a lot of us, TED stands for curated freedom of expressiveness that gets people to think. TEDx stands for making that same level of sharing and participation available to organizers from anywhere, anyplace, and any social caste. Censoring provocative talks that get people thinking – I do believe the TED audience is educated enough to think first and not just believe everything they hear – is thus very troubling for the TED reputation. It strongly suggests that TED isn't that idealistic after all – they are confined within a system that does indeed taboo certain topics and thoughts. Either they are concerned about potential government crackdown, they are concerned about their pocketbooks, they are concerned about their 'high connections', or something else… in any case, not quite the ideal many people hold TED to represent.

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6 thoughts on “TED's reputation on the line: TED may not be what you hold it to be

  1. Parker Boyce

    If you watch Burt Rutan's TED talk on the private aerospace industry you'll find that apparently TED talkers are not supposed to talk about politics, which Burt did accidentally when he mentioned President Bush.

  2. Allen Hildebrandt

    I feel like TED has gotten away from the Technology, Engineering and Design focus in the last year or so. When I look at a lot of the videos, they usually have very little to do with any one of the three.

  3. Alida Brandenburg

    Isn't it also true that essentially, so long as you pay their high fee, you have access to give a TED talk? You can buy your way in?

  4. Craig Perko

    I also have concerns about TED's integrity. At the very least, they sold their name to Ridley Scott for an ad. That's a bad sign.


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