What's in store for Meebo?

By | May 16, 2012

Meebo is one really well-done tool – actually, my favorite of its kind. It is light, friendly, robust, stable, and works well from anywhere. I will be extremely dissappointed if Google tries to 'googlefy' it and make it less usable in the process, or makes it overly resource-consuming and heavy.

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Google May Be Close to Meebo Acquisition

According to the reliable sources, Google is involved in talks to acquire Meebo, the social platform that integrates cross-service chats as well as a social overlay for many websites. The price tag on the sale would be about $100 million.

Given that Meebo has plug-ins for several different browsers, the pick-up would definitely increase the amount of information Google would be able to collect about people’s browsing habits. Last September, Meebo announced that it had broadened its exposure to nearly half of all internet users in the United States at 92 million people. The persistent social bar that websites can use to interact with visitors is currently used by more than 8,000 sites.

10 thoughts on “What's in store for Meebo?

  1. Jannik Lindquist

    Handling extensions is not just a question of power, though. Some extensions are very poorly written. Even some of Google's own, I suspect

  2. Jannik Lindquist

    Could that be because you now use extensions? 🙂 If the answer is yes, I don't think it is fair to blame Google for adding bloat to Chrome

  3. Tom Lee

    Meebo is a nice service. They have a talented engineering team. If Google doesn't acquire it, somebody else will. I hope Google will keep Meebo independent.

  4. Jannik Lindquist

    Obviously, you could argue that they killed some of the products they bought for talent – but I don't think they have ever ruined an actual product


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