Let the blind man see

By | May 15, 2012
This promising technology could allow the blind to see again, by transferring video images to photovoltaic implants in the retina. While it's still waiting lab tests and finally human tests, it does pose a rather striking challenge: pointing lasers 1000x more powerful than sunlight onto retina implants with incredible accuracy. Now, technologically I know we can be more accurate than that. But the eye is also a complex instrument: it contains muscles and apparatii that focus incoming light, among other things – meaning that a patient could potentially damage themselves in a serious way if they discover that and use those muscles – not to mention distorting the image they see.

/via +João Serrano 

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According to James Loudin, an electrical engineering professor at Stanford who took part in the study, the development of the specialized goggles and retinal implants took many years and involved tech…

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