Censorship at a new level: Pirate Pay

By | May 13, 2012
The Russian startup Pirate Pay offers a system they claim can effectively prevent users from downloading from targeted torrent swarms. While this may be helpful in the MPAA crackdown efforts, it also poses a potential larger internet censorship issue: this method can be used to attack any other unwanted material, for example, say, leaked documents incriminating a particular powerful individual or entity. That is a concerning issue given how little trust governments command these days in protecting civil liberties.

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One thought on “Censorship at a new level: Pirate Pay

  1. Joseph Kane

    If this is possible, it will happen, whether by a legit company or a malicious entity. The good news is, the hacker community is far smarter, faster, and more flexible than their enemies. Honestly, I'm surprised BT lasted a decade. If someone starts jamming BT, it'll just prompt hackers to come up with a newer, better protocol.


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