Get ready to program with light!

By | May 9, 2012
Nanotechnology means small scale magic – and the question of just how small-scale we can go is one which keeps getting tackled. The atom-size barrier has been broken, though: we can go to the subatomic level.

Tweaking photons, the little particles transmitting light, may sound like a daunting task. But it appears that through a series of programmable lenses, we are now able to use 'program' light transmissions. A significant development in a number of ways – it is not only the fastest form of communication available before the warp drive, but also allows us to go smaller than the atom by using photons as the unit of data transmission. And although that's still future dreams, for now we have the reality of the coolness factor of storing terabytes of information on what used to be a floppy disk.

/via +Wayne Radinsky 

Breakthrough Nanotechnology Will Bring 100 Terabyte 3.5-inch Digital Data Storage Disks
Have you ever dream of 100 terabyte of data per 3.5-inch disk? New patented innovation nanotechnology from Michael E. Thomas, president of Colossal Storage Corporation, makes it real.

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