Is nanotechnology ready to cure cancer?

By | May 5, 2012
It seems that the latest developments in nanotechnology are now able to cure cancer – or at least significantly reduce tumors in test animals to the point where they're undetectable. This article lacks sufficient technical substance to determine what exactly the new nanoparticle does, and what effects it could have. Of course, given how closely everything in the body is interlinked, that's a formidable task ahead to verify.

Personally, I was rather convinced back in my school days that engineered adenoviruses would be the path to the breakthrough in curing cancer. I guess I was wrong – and in a good way, as the thought of purposely introducing virii into the human body is certainly an eerie one, especially given that virii are known to mutate rather quickly… a problem that this solution doesn't have.

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Fine-tuning Nanotech to Target Cancer – Technology Review
Programmable nanoparticles have shown promise in early cancer trials, and may finally fulfill the promise of nanomedicine.

One thought on “Is nanotechnology ready to cure cancer?

  1. Kos mOS

    If we don't allow Marihuana to cure it, calling it drug, ahh so easy. make it a drug, while we abuse them with chemotherapy and disgrace. Enough! study roots, medicine, old medicine… Now and always not always new bring change or better, til not we destroyed way way much we imagine, not we erase with this nanotechnology all? Waste for those with hope in this. Indeed so. There is one truth only. 😉


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